How to Get Free Braces or Invisalign in Central Indiana

Here at Gorman & Bunch Orthodontics, we stand behind our belief that everyone who wants a healthy smile should be able to have one— even those who may not have the finances to afford this on their own. Because of this passion, we are excited about our recent launch of Stats 4 Smiles™ a program that offers scholarships to provide free braces and Invisalign to local children and families in need. Stats 4 Smiles™ is available at each of our Central Indiana offices: Carmel, Westfield, West Carmel/Zionsville, Fishers, Kokomo, Marion, and Wabash.

How it Works

We’ve seen countless times just how much a healthy smile can dramatically enhance the overall quality of someone’s life. It has the power to offer hope for so many, boost overall health, and help to provide more self-confidence.


We keep strong partnershIps with local athletes to help change the lives of Indiana residents through the gift of a smile. Every time one of our partnered players wins or makes a big play during a game, we make the commitment to treat another deserving child in the Central Indiana area at absolutely no cost to them.


We are thrilled for this program to continue to grow and unfold. We can’t wait to see how these newfound smiles and confidence boosts can benefit the greater good of our local communities.

How to Qualify

While, we wish we could offer this supportive to everyone in financial need, to ensure the continued success of this program, our potential recipients will need to fall in line with the following guidelines:

  1. They must be between the ages of 11 and 19 years old.
  2. They must live within one hour driving distance of one of our seven office locations.
  3. They must have good overall dental hygiene practices, including a dental hygiene checkup in the past 6 months.
  4. They must have a clear functional and/or esthetic need for orthodontic care.
  5. They must be currently enrolled in school and achieve satisfactory performance.
  6. They must exhibit a positive attitude.
  7. They must follow the treatment plan set forth by the orthodontist and official program contract.
  8. They must show a clear willingness to remain involved in the community through extracurricular activities and/or volunteer service.
  9. They must have family income that does not exceed 200% of the federal poverty level — see below.

2020 Federal Poverty Levels

Persons in Household   vs.   200% FPL Annual Gross

















Apply to Get Free Braces or Invisalign

You can be considered for this opportunity one of two ways. Stats 4 Smiles scholarship candidates can either apply for it on their own or they can be nominated for it by a community healthcare professional, teacher, coach, community leader, etc. All qualified candidates will remain in our files for future consideration. Our diligent selection committee will name the next recipient of a brand new smile the next time that one of our partner athletes achieves his or her goals!


When you are finished filling out the forms, please send the completed application, as well as your proof of income documentation, to us via one of the following ways:


Email to Heather Edwards at

Mail to our Westfield Office.

Drop-off at any of the seven Gorman & Bunch Orthodontics offices.


We understand that there is high demand for this service, and while we would love to transform everyone’s smile, these scholarships are both competitive and limited. Because of this, the application does not necessarily guarantee selection. If you are chosen, we will be in touch with you! Please contact Heather Edwards at with any questions you may have.

Nominate Someone for Free Orthodontic Treatments

Maybe you know someone who meets the aforementioned guidelines and could benefit from free orthodontic treatment. Tell us more about them by filling out the form below!


Please note, these Smile Scholarships are offered out only on a rolling basis. We only present them as our Smile Partners accomplish their determined athletic goals. These scholarships are very competitive, and the nomination does not necessarily guarantee selection. We aim to continue growing this program so that we will have the opportunities to treat as many deserving kids as we can!

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  • Based on background, family life, financial situation, personal characteristics, etc., why do you believe they would benefit from orthodontic treatment. Please limit to 125 words or less.*
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